The Five Doctors you need to know about

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Who doesn’t want health, vitality and to live a life free from disease?

We are living in a time that with every ache and pain we run to the doctor. Believe it or not but at your very own fingertips, you have five doctors available to help you and they are FREE!



You know that feeling when you hold your breath for too long you want to pass out? How often are we holding our breath when we are under stress denying ourselves of oxygen. So many of us wake up and jump in the car and sit in an office building for the day. We need to get outside so your cells can be filled up with oxygen as much as possible. Take those deep outdoors breaths and feel it flow through your veins. We all can use several hours of outside air a day and it will help you sleep like a baby.


Sometimes the hardest thing for people to do is to drink enough water throughout their day. Coffee, tea, energy drinks and alcohol are not able to hydrate us properly nor flush out the toxins and lubricate our inner organs. Remember what happens to a plant that has not been watered – its leaves deteriorate and become weak. We fall down on the inside as well as making us lethargic causing headaches and migraines.  Do your best to drink two to three litres of water a day and watch how your skin looks amazing as well as keeping those bowels super healthy. That is only 8 to 12 glasses a day, keep a big glass beside you at your desk and it can quickly become a healthy habit.


There is no other feeling like the sunshine on our skin. We become alive as it sends energy through your veins. People are happier on a sunny day and children skip when they walk. Not to mention it helps in the manufacture of vitamin D which is the bone vitamin. Sunshine is the JOY vitamin. So get outside and enjoy it!

Healthy Nutrition

Health equals wealth and food is not for mood!  When we are young we compromise our health for wealth and when we get older we will do anything to get it back. Feed your body with the best foods that you can. Have some fun along the way but remember our cells are looking for vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, fats and carbs and it wants it from food that are real. Coming from a middle of the grocery aisle has probably passed a chemistry lab on the way to your mouth and has lost a load of nutrients. The simple thing you can do right now is to eat 3 fruits a day and 5-7 servings of veggies with lots of lean proteins nuts and seeds. A horse eats grass and can run like the wind!


Everyone is either looking for love or giving love. It is universal. We all want it every day but sometimes it feels fleeting. The fastest way to get more love is to give more love. Start with loving yourself and watch the ripple effect it has on others and you! Tell yourself you love yourself as it is going to be hard for others to love you if you don’t love yourself!

Be Love, Serve Life, these are the secrets.

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