Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Cell Analysis is an established science using the latest technology to examine the health of your blood cells.  A small sample is taken from your fingertip then examined under a microscope.  The cells are magnified 1500 times onto an easy to view computer screen.

This technique gives immediate test results revealing conditions missed by standard microscopes or blood tests.  You see a clear image of your condition on screen rather than some numbers on a page.

A typical session focuses on 3 different blood tests designed to look at past, current and pending conditions.  This type of pinpoint screening provides a precise direction to improving diet and supplemental regiments.  Your positive transformation to better health can happen very quickly.

What can one drop of blood reveal?

– Food Metabolism
– Digestive Issues
– Fatigue
– Weight Problems
– Bacteria & Parasite Levels
– Hormonal Balances
– State of Your Immune System
– Yeast Balance, Acidosis
– Liver Condition/Stress
– Detoxification Functions
– Environmental Sensitivities
– Over 50 facets of your health which can be addressed with simple, common sense lifestyle changes that can transform your health.

The initial 2 hour appointment will result in a complete understanding of your nutritional situation. We will consider your health history, blood type, exercise habits, current supplementation and medication as well as your bowel habits, stress levels and eating habits. In this session we take a look at your blood through a technique called Live Blood Cell Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis. This provides pinpoint screening and a precise direction to improving diet and supplemental regiments. The initial appointment and follow ups also include Psychosomatic Energetic Testing if wanted.


Initial appointment: $179 (2 Hours)
Follow up appointment: $80 (1 Hour)
Family visit (2 Adults + 2 Children): $350 (3 Hours)
Live Blood Cell / Nutritional Consulting ONLY: $90 (1 Hour)

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