Energy Medicine Psychosomatic Energetics

Internalized stress is directly responsible for many of the problems plaguing our health.  PSE combines modern testing technologies with the ancient modalities of working with the body’s Seven Energy Centres (Chakras), to treat this stress without the use of potentially harmful drugs.

Our Psychology Becomes our Biology

Emotional stress creates a sense of discomfort and anxiety, often leading to despair, depression and ultimately, disease.  If this stress remains internalized, it inevitably manifests itself physically in the body.

Why Psychosomatic Energetics?

The mind body connection has gained acceptance within the medical and health communities thanks in large part to pioneers such as Louise Hay, Caroline Myss and others.

The Reba Device takes diagnostics to a new level. It identifies the strength and nature of conscious and unconscious stresses.  It can classify four energy levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Casual and multiple stresses within each level.

After identifying specific energy conflicts in your body, Rubimed Tinctures will be offered to help melt these conflicts in a gentle, yet effective manner.

Costs and Service:

PSE Testing is included in my initial 2 hour appointments which also include Nutritional Consulting and Live Blood Cell Analysis.

Initial appointment: $179 (2 Hours)
Follow up appointment: $80 (1 Hour)
Family visit (2 Adults + 2 Children): $350 (3 Hours)

If you wish to come for an appointment focused ONLY on PSE, the cost is $90 for 1 hour.

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