Metabolic Balance

The Metabolic Balance method is based on the assumption that every person’s body is capable of producing its own enzymes and hormones to function. Through blood testing, the Metabolic Balance program produces a personalized nutritional road map based off you and your unique body that indicates what types of foods work with and against you including how much is just right. It is the product of 20 years of research and seven years of practice, with over 250,000 participants world wide.

Metabolic Balance is a method for adapting and regulating your diet in order to stimulate your metabolism.  The system works with your body to encourage the release of insulin the way nature intended. Metabolic Balance ultimately bolsters your body’s production of hormones; keeps your metabolism balanced; and helps you lose weight quickly, safely and without starving yourself.

Program includes free 2 hour live-blood and dry-blood analysis as well as an in-depth nutritional consultation.

Why Metabolic Balance Matters

Obesity in North America is on the rise: 40 per cent of males and 20 per cent of females are over weight. The Canadian Diabetes Association reports that one in four Canadians have diabetes or pre-diabetes and that number is estimated to rise to one in three by 2020. Poor food choices and lack of exercise are the driving forces behind the huge spike in new cases of type 2 diabetes.

It has been found that obesity, high blood pressure, elevated lipid levels and extra fat around the waist (larger than 40 inches for male and 35 for female) may indicate that someone has metabolic syndrome – a group of risk factors which can increase the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, and of course type 2 diabetes.

Working with Jane as your Metabolic Coach will lead to a lifestyle which will help prevent these diseases and improve your quality of life.

Clients Rave

“Well now it is just over 5 months and I’m down 49 lbs and still more to go…”

I had seen a friend and she had lost 20 lbs and was looking great... click to read full testimonial

I had seen a friend and she had lost 20 lbs and was looking great. What I noticed was her skin was clear or clean looking. She looked healthy. I asked her what she was doing. I said I want to know more. So I called her the next week. Then called Jane the first of Oct 2013 and made an appointment. I guess you could say I felt like a kid going to the dentist office. I needed to go for help but I did not want to cut out the bad foods that had made me fat. I wanted to eat what I wanted and lose weight.

Jane looked at my blood and she could not see any diseases going on. Weighing 230 lbs I knew something was going to start happening plus I had out grown my winter coat so I knew if I did not do something soon I was going to be spending money on clothes as I was just about out grown what I had.

One thing that I had said to my self. Mom had died and left 4 closets of beautiful clothes which I wanted to get into but they where all sizes 14 and 12. I was just plain huge and kidding my self that I was not that big. Liar liar pants on fire. Who was I kidding.

Well Jane sent off the blood to Switzerland so what did I do. I went and ate everything I knew I was not suppose to and put on more weight before I started.

I went into this program kicking and screaming. Yes I wanted the results but I was like an alcoholic that has just been found out and they where going to take away my bottle.

Well Jane emailed me and told me that the results where in but I had no intentions of starting it before Thanksgiving. I wanted to eat. All that good food at that time of the year. Thursday the next week I decided to do it. I started off with the herbs and bowel cleanse.

Something happen that day. Oct 17, 2013 I just decided it was going to happen. I would prepare what I was going to need for the next day so I had no excuse. God gave me some great Ideals of how to make the foods taste really good. The day I have my chicken with salad I use my fruit as my salad dressing (blend it up) and it taste amazing. When I am to get my cheeses I cook my vegetables put the cheese over the top and grill it. I love my new food. When I go out to a meeting I take my own food in a tupperware container and put it on a plate when I get to the meeting and people can not believe how much I get to eat. Neither can I. They eat their starches and I eat my meal and have lost about 2 lbs a week since I began. I hit one month that I plateaued but that is normal.

Well now it is just over 5 months and I am down 49 lbs and still some more to go. I have not had anyone challenge me with this weight loss. Most diets people start to say now be careful don’t lose to much. As they have their chocolate cake or ice cream.

I feel so good.

Before I started I would have one to two sleeps a day and no energy. Now if I have one after noon snooze a week that is it. I go from 6 am to 11 pm with so much more energy.

If you think it is a lot of money no it is not. How much would you pay if your car broke down to fix it. Well aren’t you worth more than your car. No one else is going to fix you. You are the one. Give your self the biggest and best treat you can give your self. Good health. And moms cloths they are starting to get to big and I am giving them away. So my dream has come true and I hear my mom shouting from Heaven “Well done.”

Anne McLachlan, London, Ontario.

March 26, 2014

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