The Pursuit of Happiness

Imagine for a moment if you will, a child running, in bare feet across the grass giggling, and trying to catch a balloon which continues to slip out of his or her tiny hands.

Finally able to catch it they stop, and a feeling of utter joy and happiness overcomes them.

Happiness is such a beautiful feeling, but it seems that as we get older we become less aware of its power and how to cultivate it.

Who doesn’t want more happiness? Having more happiness makes us want to have even more happiness. The end result is certainly a great thing!

I heard a great line the other day;

“If your happy tell your face”.

When we are happy others feel it too. It is contagious just like when we all explode into fits of laughter. Isn’t it true that everything we are striving for in life can be boiled down to the pursuit of happiness?

I want to share some things you can implement into your life immediately to help you be happier.

H – Help others.

When we serve others it makes us feel so good. Performing a random act of kindness can often makes us feel better than the person we performed the act for. Aim to add more random acts of kindness into your life. You’ll likely get addicted pretty quick, and the effect it can have you on your day to day life is remarkable.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”
– Dalai Lama


A – Appreciate all in life.

Give thanks for everything, crawl into bed at night and ponder what your grateful for. You’ll go to bed and wake up on a positive note and you’ll carry the joy throughout your day.

P – Play an active role in your health choices.

Plan your meals. Plan your social life.

P – Participate in physical activity.

There is nothing like a good work out to make us feel strong, energetic, confident and happy. Some sort of movement and exercise every day is ideal! We were born to move.

Y – Why…

Why would you want to be happy anyway besides the obvious? Happiness lowers your risk of illness, heart disease, cortisol levels and heart rate. Energetically happy people are also drawn towards you which builds on your own happiness. Happy people are more likely to live longer, healthier lives.

Food for thought:

You can be right or you can be happy.

Ships don’t have to come in, you have to swim to them.

Happiness is something you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.


What makes you happy and grateful? Use the comments below!

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  1. Sylvia Jong
    Sylvia Jong says:

    Hi Jane, reading your blog makes me SO happy!! And I’m always happy to see you!!


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