Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is a method for adapting and regulating your diet in order to stimulate your metabolism.  The system works with your body to encourage the release of insulin the way nature intended.

Metabolic Balance ultimately bolsters your body’s production of hormones; keeps your metabolism balanced; and helps you lose weight quickly, safely and without starving yourself.

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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Cell Analysis is an established science using the latest technology to examine the health of your blood cells.  A small sample is taken from your fingertip then examined under a microscope.  The cells are magnified 1500 times onto an easy to view computer screen providing you immediate results that are often missed by standard microscopes and blood tests.

You see a clear image of your condition right in front of your eyes, rather than complex numbers on a print out.

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Nutrition Consulting

Everyone has a unique physical makeup and his or her health concerns. As a licensed Nutritionist, Jane will assist you with your personal health concerns and challenges.

The initial 2 hour appointment will result in a complete understanding of your nutritional situation. We will consider your health history, blood type, exercise habits, current supplementation and medication as well as your bowel habits, stress levels and eating habits.

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Psychosomatic Energetic Testing and Chakra Healing

Internalized stress is directly responsible for many of the problems plaguing our health.  PSE combines modern testing technologies with the ancient modalities of working with the body’s Seven Energy Centres (Chakras), to treat this stress without the use of potentially harmful drugs.

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