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What is Live Blood Cell Analysis? 

This is the use of high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe live blood cells. It is used to observe the current and past state of the body through wet and dry samples. Conditions such as parasites, inflammation, acidity, food particles in the blood and dehydration can be determined using this diagnostic method.

Why Become a Live Blood Cell Analyst?

Symptomology on its own is not a strong enough tool to accurately assess clients. The Live Blood Cell course will provide you with the skills to complete an accurate microscopic blood cell analysis and the confidence to make lifestyle, and nutritional recommendations that will improve the health of your clients.

What will you Learn?

The course will teach you how to accurately operate and maintain a microscope, assess and differentiate various findings and set you up with the material required to begin seeing clients immediately after completing the course. You will receive all the practical knowledge on how to work with your client, as well as all the theory and protocols to help your clients live better, healthier lives! On top of that, the course will also include teachings in:

The Four Underlying Causes of Disease
Defining Ph & How it Affects Ones Health
Accurate Methods of Obtaining Live & Dry Blood Cell Samples
Identify & Recommend Specific Nutritional and Lifestyle Solutions
Identification of Indicators in the Blood and What their Influence is on the Clients Overall Health
Using Templates of Various Conditions and Using them to Aid in Accurate Blood Reading
Principals of Pleomorphism

What does the Online Course Include?

This online course took over a year to develop. I have been teaching this course for well over a decade in person and have had overwhelming response and requests to create an online course so anyone from anywhere around the world can learn everything I have taught in person. With high definition videos and pictures, and detailed course modules, you will be able to learn at your own pace and come back whenever you need a refresher. The course includes:

  • Over five hours of detailed and professionally edited videos and audio
  • Eight different modules and fifteen specific units. The units cover everything from how to attract clients and do client intakes, to using your microscope, analyzing and recommending protocols, and a whole lot more!
  • A 141 page course manual (downloadable PDF) covering all the theory you’ll need
  • A fun time!

What does it Cost?

The online course is a one time payment of $549 USD

Questions about the Course?

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Kick-start your new career for the cost of $549




“I decided to take the Live Blood Class offered by Jane to add to, and enhance my Rolfing and Nutrition Practice. I had no idea that in just two days, I would come home with a plethora of tools to take clients through a full session as well as learn hands on microscope familiarity and thorough live cell analysis. It has been 10 months since I took my training and I just hosted a workshop and booked 12 clients.

I would highly recommend this class to any practitioner interested in adding a wonderful addition to their practice.”

– Jani Pulaski. Denver, CO.


“I would like to commend you on your outstanding professionalism and decorum I found that not only your knowledge base and expertise incredibly helpful to my learning process, but your ability to teach to a wide range of students with regard to experience and knowledge.

Jane, you didn’t only take the time to share your knowledge base, but also found time to encourage, stimulate and share your own personal professional knowledge. For me this made my learning experience much more profound and I have a deeper understanding of Live Blood Analysis.

Your graciousness and warmth created an atmosphere that I myself try exceedingly hard to do at our clinic when we offer courses. It certainly makes a difference on many levels to how and what a person learns and retains when taking a course.

Thank you for your amazing approach and exceptional teaching, this has moved me into a whole new direction for our clinic. I see exciting times ahead for myself and the clinic. Thank you!”

– Glynis LeBlanc. White Rock, B.C.


“Following my course at Institute of Holistic Nutrition, I was interested in different modalities I could add to my practice as a nutritionist. During my course, I learned about Live Blood Cell Microscopy. I was thrilled to learn that one of my teachers at IHN was offering the course at her studio. I will never regret signing on for it as I learned a lot about the concept on Live Blood Cell Microscopy theory and hands on practical experience. Jane is an amazing teacher, I benefited by not only the knowledge but understanding on how I can integrate the analysis and comparing blood cells before and after my recommendations. Jane gave us valuable handouts for educating and bringing awareness for the clients. She also shared a great deal of information on supplements. I have a lot of valuable information and tools that I can now use to help my clients thanks to this course.”

– Sujata Kale-Banerjea. Mississauga, ON.


Kick-start your new career for the cost of $549